Eneco Investment, Inc. consists of four subsidiaries in Japan and two overseas listed companies as alliance partners.
We have three main business concepts as following:
(1) We encourage the global society to propose efficient and revolutionary new energy scheme
with high technological strength and strategic investment,
(2) We also focus on contributing to the sustainable growth of the earth for the future,
(3) Securing water resources that are essential for human beings and supporting health.



Mt. Fuji Natural Water, LLC

On the foot of the Mount Fuji, the Natural mineral water “Hydrogen Silica Natural Water VanaH” pumps up from the well which VanaH owns at Fujiyoshida city,
Yamanashi prefecture which is located in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

The product is bottled carefully one by one under intensive hygienic management with a protected a wonderful natural environment.
The natural water nurtured by Mt. Fuji is slightly different in mineral components depending on the site of sampling water and water veins.
Among others, VanaH contains natural hydrogen, natural silica, and natural vanadium in a well-balanced manner.
VanaH is working on the company-wide efforts to create products that consider the environmental protection of the sampling site.


mizugokoro Co., Ltd

Enrich personal life with water.

The water we use for the product of Mizugokoro is subsoil flow from the deep ground of Mt. Fuji.
Rainwater and snowmelt rain that fall more than 100 years ago pass over soak into the ground and into the layer of 1,000 meters of the basaltic rocks gradually becoming deep underground water with a long period of time.
In this manner, there are various naturally occurring mineral components including vanadium, hydrogen, silica and natural balance is contained in the underground water.
We would like to share the gifts from a noble and precious nature with all of the people.
Our products are filled with our hearty wishes. Enrich personal life with the water.
We hope that the water granted from mother Mt. Fuji will give a brilliant influence to your healthy living.



Eneco Refresh Limited

Eneco Refresh Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and is a company developing and selling drinking water, selling and renting water coolers, etc. in Australia. Henceforth, we plan to distribute and market the existing business continuity and sell the “PLASMA FUSION Fuel Refining Machine” developed by Eneco Holdings, Inc. to Australian and New Zealand.


Eneco Energy Limited

Eneco Energy Limited is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Its core business is logistics, which includes imports, transportation activities, logistics management, and port and airport cargo handling services. In the future, the company will market its existing business and the fuel refinery "PLASMA FUSION," developed by Mt. Fuji Natural Water, LLC.